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Classes VI - X - Comprehensive School Foundation Programs For Boards, Olympiads, NTSE & KVPY
Classes XI & XII - Comprehensive Integrated Program For Medical & Engineering Entrance Preparation

What Is School Foundation Program ?

  • Coaching in NEET / IIT JEE / Olympiad perspective and pattern
  • Concept Enhancement
  • Emphasis on testing pattern
  • Developing Work Culture
  • Time Management

Why Foundation Programs?

Foundation course helps the students to nourish their skill at their early stage.

  • Foundation course with Integrated Syllabus helps the children enhance their concepts and fundamental capabilities
  • Early adoption and practice of tests make children understand effective time management
  • Different formats in each topic (Single correct, Multi-correct, Matrix-match, Reasoning, Assertion & Comprehensive Linked) will give an opportunity to think from different perspectives
  • Foundation course will give an opportunity for teachers to enhance their capabilities and the methods of teaching
  • For school Management – their brand image will be appreciated, if their student gets a rank at State or National level.
  • For Parents - they can be relaxed and proud that their child is preparing themselves for National level professional courses

When Does A Child Require The Foundation Course?

There is a common myth among the parents and teachers that the orientation program for Medical/Engineering could be started from standard 10th. It is a wrong understanding and need to be corrected because of the following reasons.

  • Time duration for the preparation is only two years.
  • The subjects coverage is very less.
  • Exposure to Talent Exams is less.
  • Confidence level becomes low.
  • Less success rate.

Why Is It Important To Start From 6th Class?

  • Subjects are bifurcated with definite syllabus
  • Long tenure - 7 years
  • Better Understanding Levels
  • Optimum Levels of Mind Maturity
  • Exposure to Competitive Pattern and Examinations
  • Success rate will increase remarkably

Foundation Programme

Role of Institution

Role of the Institutions when focused

  • Scientifically designed curriculum
  • Good faculties
  • Good subject material
  • Conductive Atmosphere for learning and Practicing

Role of the Institutions when Out of focus

  • Confused curriculum
  • Stretching of Syllabus beyond the required limits
  • Vertical expansion against lateral foundation
  • Unlimited class strength
  • Skipping of some topics

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it is helping me a lot for understanding various things.So thanks for giving this information.

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